New Food Standards

The School Food Standards

The school food standards, which were updated in 2021, are set by the Government to ensure that food provided to pupils in school is nutritious and of high quality; to promote good nutritional health in all pupils; protect those who are nutritionally vulnerable and to promote good eating behaviour. 

A varied diet is promoted, with a spread of foods across the week. Our menus include different fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses and a range of fresh meat and fish. Catering Leeds use fresh, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and works to actively reduce salt, saturated fat and sugar in children's diets.

The new standards apply across the whole school day including breakfast clubs, snacks, tuck shops and after school clubs. We have consulted with all our providers who have confirmed that their menus comply with the new standards.

List of Allergens

We do not provide a list of allergens on the menu due to our school having bespoke menus.  Our kitchen staff are fully trained in catering for special diets, and they may also contact the Special Diet Team at any time. For children with specialised diets or complex allergens, we will happily provide a personalised menu. Please contact the school office if you have any queries. 


The new nutrition standards state that no snacks or confectionary except nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit with no added salt sugar or fat may be provided across the school day apart from in exceptional circumstances such as a fundraising event or celebrations.

This means that processed fruit bars such as "fruit winders" and cereal bars are no longer allowed as they are often high in sugar and are considered confectionary.  They are also detrimental to dental health.

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