Admissions Policy
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In year transfer Form
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How applications are considered

Leeds City Council is the admission authority for all mainsteam community and voluntary controlled schools and will determine the admission policy arrangements.

Full details of our Admissions Policy can be found in the link above.


How do I apply?

Children Starting School

Parents have the right to apply for a place at any school in Leeds, or the surrounding district, regardless of their address. Admissions are organised centrally by Leeds City Council.

Parents will receive information about all Leeds primary schools and a preference form in the October prior to the year their child is due to start school.  Parents are encouraged to apply for their child's school on Composite Prospectus.

The admission round for children wishing to start Reception in September 2021 opened on 1st November and families can make applications online until midnight on 15th January 2021.    

In Year Admissions

If your child is currently in school and you would like to apply to transfer to Shadwell Primary School, you will need to complete the 'In Year Common Preference Form' above.  Please ensure you read the guidance notes and that your present school has also completed it.  When it is complete please return it to us and we can advise you if a place is available. You will require 2 ‘proofs of address’.


Arrangements for Selecting Pupils

Children Starting School

The Chief Executive of Leeds City Council makes all offers of a school place for Reception in Community and Voluntary Controlled schools as the admission authority for these schools. Headteachers or school-based staff are not authorised to offer a child a place for Reception for September entry.

In-year admissions

The authority to convey the offer of a place has been delegated to schools for places in other year groups and for entry to Reception outside the normal admissions round.


Over-subscription criteria

Admission to the school is in accordance with the criteria laid down in the Admissions Policy. This gives priority to children with special educational needs, those with siblings already attending the school and children living within the schools catchment area. Please view the Admissions Policy above for more details.

Waiting lists for community and voluntary controlled schools will also be held for each year group for applications outside of the admissions round. All waiting lists will be held in criteria order of the admission policy and will close at the end of the academic year (July 2021). Each time a child is added, the list is ranked again in line with the published oversubscription criteria outlined in the Admissions Policy above.


Where can I find useful information for parents?

You can find information about schools, previous years allocation data, catchment maps and links to school admission policies on our ‘find more information about a school’ page on Composite Prospectus.  

Parents considering applying to Shadwell should make an appointment for one of our open days which are typically in the Autumn term where you will have the opportunity to meet the Head Teacher and find out more about the school. Please look out for the dates which will be advertised on the website and contact the school to make an appointment.

Further information about admissions can be found by phoning the Admissions Team on 0113 224 4414 or you can email