Have you seen the light?

Here is our Star of the week Zoe showing off her poster highlighting the rights of children as drawn up by the United Nations which we have learnt about in PSHE this week. It was fascinating and also sad to learn that many children around the world do not share the basic rights to food and education that we do and we all agreed that the right to play is equally important.

We also carried out a scientific investigation into the properties of materials and how well they reflect light. This was to help us decide which materials would be best to make our kaleidoscopes out of next week. Usually the teacher's stock cupboard is a top secret place full of mystical delights and 50 year old textbooks, however it did prove the darkest place in the classroom so became our test area for the afternoon.  Thanks for your support sending in used kitchen rolls we can't wait to use them!

Here are a few other things we have done this week:

- practised using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions alongside 2A (2 adjective) sentences to write descriptive paragraphs.

- learnt how to divide 4 digit by 2 digit numbers using long division method

- continued programming and controlling our robots at Allerton Grange

- presented our 'Global Village' presentation in Harvest assembly

- changed our books for the reading challenge

- made collages to inspire us with design ideas for our class logo

Another busy week and still lots more to fit in before half term!

Posted by Mr Rugg on 23 October 2018

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