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Great news...

Following the children's excellent feedback, we have now purchased a SPELLODROME SUBSCRIPTION for your child to enjoy!

This is a fun and engaging way for children to revise spellings. The children have their own log on details and should aim for at least 1000 per week as this is how they will earn their first certificate! However, the more points they earn the greater chance they have of achieving other certificates and placing on the World Leader Board. Please encourage your child to use Spellodrome frequently.

Teachers will set word lists for 1 week or more. They can also set assessments for the children to complete.

If you need a reminder of your child's log on details, please do not hesitate to pop in and see their teacher who will be more than happy to help.

Bramham Shadwell Federation Spelling Progression Revision Lists

As the demands of the new curriculum are high, you can support your child by revising words from all prior year groups with them in their spare time. This can be in a written manner or verbally through games and family ‘Spelling Bees’ asking them to spell out words on the lists as well as ‘bonus’ words. Consolidating all prior spelling rules is an essential part of the curriculum.

There are 32 lists of words for children to learn between Year 1 and Year 6. The words are taken from the 2014 National Curriculum (NC). The lists get progressively more challenging, matching the content of the new NC.

Across each year group, the word lists contain a mixture of new words and words previously learnt. This should give children the opportunity to revise words they know already, ensuring children do not simply learn them for the test and then forget them. The KS2 lists are progressive – the previous lists words remain, while new ones are added in bold.

Supporting documents

Year 1 Revision Lists

Year 2 Revision Lists

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Year 4 Revision Lists

Year 5 Revision Lists

Year 6 Revision Lists