Home Learning - Week 10

In the week where Liverpool (rightfully) won the Premier League and Leeds United sat firmly at the top of theirs, the children of Class Four continued to work hard striving for greatness. Miss Ings completed her phone calls and loved catching up with all the children. 

Our work pack this week focused on Alien abduction's, decimals, maps, how Science has changed daily routines and using PowerPoint to showcase work. 

We have:

Bella - who not only worked so hard with her school work, used her own time to become the family Quiz Master and question their general knowledge. 

Ed - who thought his comprehension about Palm Oil was 'great because he gets to eat his favourite foods' and related his English sentences to real-life (bringing a light-hearted attitude to Covid-19). 

Kasparas - whose family has gained a beautiful baby boy, so whilst he has been busy playing big brother he has also managed to find the time to complete his English and SITE work (great tips included). 

Maya - who was so engrossed in her reading comprehension she furthered her understanding by researching it alone...she was also very happy to see her favourite Nutella is sustainable. 

Molly - has worked really hard and been emailing in her encouraging words of wisdom and motivation. 

Oscar - who (as an avid Liverpool fan) drew his happy place during our reflection time.

Olivia - where apart from creating presents for her Grandma's birthday, she has managed to complete her French, English, Art and Spelling work. 

Owen - who is a constant whizz with all his work and has had a good time completing his English, maths, French and geography work. 

Prem - who was challenged to give 100% to all his work and try and work independently. He has emailed examples of all his work and it is amazing! 

As you will see, the children of Class Four continue to amaze all of us with their efforts. As their teacher, I could not be more proud of all they have achieved and continue to achieve. 


Home Learning - Week 10

Posted by Miss Ings on 26 June 2020

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