Year 6 Codebreakers!

We have been doing lots of topic based work this week. Our SITE project this half-term will be to build a Morse code machine capable of sending electronic signals. We looked at different codes such as Morse, Semaphore and, linked to our topic, WW2 Enigma machines.

In Science we learnt the symbols for electronic devices and practised drawing circuit diagrams, thinking about what we would need for our Morse code machines.

Linked to this in Maths, we have been looking at factors, multiples and prime numbers. We started the week by making a link between rectangles, factors and prime numbers, then applied this to an enjoyable code breaking session, where we worked in teams to solve WW2 messages written in codes based on factors.

In our writing, we are using our experience as evacuees on 'Church Farm' to work on our sentence structure and content in preparation for writing diaries about our experience. This has led to lots of children receiving Gold Headteacher's awards for their efforts in class.

Well done Year 6!


Posted by Mr Rugg on 15 November 2018

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