World War 2 Launch Day

Dig For Victory!

We had a fantastic morning in the role of evacuees to 'Church Farm' in Shadwell. The children all looked like they had travelled through time, and after boarding the train and admiring the surrounding countryside, we arrived at the farm where we were met by Billeting Officer Miss Dunsmuir who inspected us for our suitability to work. We were briefed about what to do in the event of an air raid siren, and were reminded to keep our gas masks with us at all times.

Farmer Jim set us to work collecting apples, digging vegetables and tidying plots. Indeed the air raid siren did go off and we had to stop working until it passed. After a successful morning in the fields, we ventured back into the warmth to find the postman had delivered some letters from home. These were heartwarming and full of news from the city we had left behind. 

All in all we had a fun filled yet insightful morning which has given us just a small glimpse into the life of an evacuee, which we thought must have been very difficult. We can't wait to learn more about the war this half term!

Posted by Mr Rugg on 5 November 2018

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