Home Learning - Week 8

Although the weather has given us all a reason to stay inside, Class 4 haven't allowed it to dampen their efforts with their work packs! Whilst Mrs Bourne has been busy making phone calls and speaking to the children, I have been receiving emails and pictures of all their work...and how they're spending their free time! 

This week we have: 

Lydia, who has sent her her combined maths and art work and created a beautiful butterfly. 

Kaya, who continues to work hard with the biggest smile on her face and has been happy to share her maths work. 

Oscar, who has been really eager to complete his ICT work this week. I for one, am looking forward to seeing his final project! 

Prem, who has shared lots of his great work ranging from art to ICT...where he eagerly completed lots of slides! 

Owen, who has been working so hard to complete his work as well as keeping up with current affairs. As part of his PSHE work, he created a Black Lives Matter poster as he has been discussing it a lot at home. 

Jackson, who has been enjoying completing his work and finding time to daily exercise and bake a cake...which, he didn't enjoy so much so we will put that junior bake off application on hold! 

Along with these great pictures shared, all the children have worked continuously hard and we are so impressed with them! 


Home Learning - week 8

Posted by Miss Ings on 12 June 2020

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