Class 4 Debate

This week, the class have worked really hard to develop their speaking and listening skills through debating. 

They were given the debate topic 'Everyone should have access to the internet'. 

Initially, the whole class were in favour of this, there was horror at the thought of not being able to play Fifa or Roblox however, when we really understood what the internet should be used for and the positives and negatives that came with it, we got a 50/50 split of opposers and proposers. 

Typically, a lesson would consist of a confidence starter, recap of our debating rules and then focused features. We spent a whole week building up our speeches and supporting our reasons. Today, we set the classroom up like a debating room, had treats of biscuits and juice and battled it out. 

Miss Ings and Mrs Bourne were absolutely blown away by the reasons raised; ranging from environmental help, educational support to mental health. The children really thought about their reasons and conducted themselves fantastically. We had a great morning giving our writing purpose - watch this space, there will definitely be some famous speakers from Class 4 in years to come! 



Posted by Miss Ings on 20 March 2020

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