Bien hecho Clase 4!

Class 4 totally immersed themselves in the Spanish culture for the day.From starting school wearing excellent, traditional clothing. Listening to traditional music. Tasting the scrumptious foods. To learning common phrases. Class 4 have done it all.

Our Geography topic this term is all about Spain, in particular the region of Catalonia. The children found it all on a map, compared it with Cumbria (prior learning in Y3) and then used the iPads to research and compare interesting facts such as the population and monarchy. 

The children worked so well all day and showed such enthusiasm throughout - some even tried foods they had never had before (and probably won't have again!). A great day to launch our Spanish topic and get them excited about this new term! 


Spanish Day!

Posted by Miss Ings on 7 January 2020

Category: Year 4