DT: Classifying Living Things!

As part of Class Four's SITE project, the children were tasked with making a 3D classification game using cogs and cams! Mrs Pelc had a vision and the children of Class 4 managed to bring it to life! 

They used lots of resources to create a platform that allowed a ball to balance for someone to answer a yes/no question. A cam would then move the platform, allowing the ball to drop to the next platform with a new question - the aim being to classify animals according to their characteristics. 

At first, this challenge seemed tricky (some may say impossible!) however, they all showed excellent resilience and perseverance and managed to complete functioning classification games they shared with each other. 

Fantastic work Class Four - you are all super! 


Classifying Living Things


Posted by Miss Ings on 24 May 2019

Category: Year 4