Class R Art Day

Class R explored a variety of printing methods today, using lots of unusual stamps to explore different textures including bubble wrap, lemons, cotton reels, duplo, flowers and even balloons! We reviewed our techniques after our first attempts and thought about how to make our printing better, perfecting how to ‘dab’ and now ‘paint’ with the stamps and made some wonderful sea backgrounds.

After looking at lots of ocean wildlife and the variety of fish in the ocean, we collaged our fish using different materials, taking time to cover all the white on our paper. Next we attached the fish to our sea background and were very proud of our finished pieces. 

Class R also enjoyed discussing what ‘pollution’ means and how this is affecting marine life, we are all very aware of how important it is to dispose of rubbish properly now. 

Art Day

Posted by Mrs Pelc on 21 March 2019

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