Mystery Boxes

Today, we were given 6 mystery boxes which were superglued shut; there was no chance we were going to be able to open them!

Our job as scientists was to work scientifically using our observational skills along with everything we have already learnt about materials and their properties so far this term to figure out what was inside those boxes.

We worked as groups of 4-6 with a lot of determination to do our best to come up with a prediction for the contents of each box.

We shook the boxes vertically, horizontally, with force and with care to try and predict what material the object inside was made out of, we listened to the boxes whilst others shook them to hear what sound the object made against the side of the box, we compared the boxes to objects in the classroom to predict how much they weighed, we even smelt the boxes to get as many clues as possible!

We did all of this whilst communicating our ideas to each other fantastically, we listened to what each others thoughts were and made notes on the properties and possibilities of the objects inside the boxes!

Then we put all of our ideas together with each group justifying their prediction to the whole class. After hearing everyone's ideas, some people were persuaded that the box may contain something else, some people used ideas from other groups and mixed them with their own and some people were certain they're prediction was correct and stuck by their first answer.

Once we'd shared our ideas, everyone had to make their final decision and make a prediction for each box using scientific reasoning.

What a fantastic lesson, I can certainly see the potential in this set of scientists! 

Posted by Miss Cammiss on 8 March 2019

Category: Year 5

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