Enjoying the frost and snow!

Reception class have had lots of fun exploring the changes in the weather this week. First we went on a very cold winter walk to look at what the frost did to the trees, pond and grass. We found that the pond was completely frozen over and watched some rocks slide all the way over it, we also took the opportunity to discuss safety around frozen ponds and lakes with the children sharing some very important tips.

We were very impressed with frozen spider webs and muddy puddles that didn’t squish when we jumped on them!

The next day we had snow so we brought lots of it inside to explore, painting it and making a snowy penguin land, complete with icebergs. We even found some dinosaur footprints in the snow...but we were relieved to find they were from Noah’s shoes!

Exploring the Frost and Snow

Posted by Mrs Pelc on 1 February 2019

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