First Week Back

Class 5 have had a successful first week back to school and we're hoping their hard work and high efforts will continue throughout the half term.

Here's a few things we have learnt this week:

  • How to use co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions correctly (with help from our new favourite song -
  • How to identify a main and subordinate clause
  • How to punctuate complex sentences
  • The difference between a multiple and a factor
  • How to find factor pairs
  • How to find common factors
  • What a prime number is
  • When the Mayans lived
  • Some key events of the Mayan civilisation
  • What balanced and unbalanced forces are (of course we needed to use Malteasers to help us understand this!) 
  • How to use force arrows
  • Some important places in the Hindu religion
  • Why it is important to challenge gender stereotypes
  • Why Armistice Day is so important 

Next week we have some exciting things to look forward to such as our visit to the Cenotaph for a Remembrance service and our visit from the Fire Service to learn about fire safety. 

Posted by Miss Cammiss on 9 November 2018

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