Well done to Class 5 who have had a successful start to the year and are now settled in to being fully fledged Year Fives!

We finished off the half term by completing our SITE project of 'Planet Buggys'.

The children used a saw and a glue gun to create the base of their buggy before adding planet specific details using glue, tape and string.

I was so impressed with the way that the children could explain all the different features of their buggys and could tell that they had made sure each part had a function specific to their planet.

Here's some examples of the features the children added:

  • Catapults to catch the diamonds that fall from the sky on Uranus and Neptune.
  • Headlights to see through the thick fog and dust on Mars.
  • Cotton wool wheels to give the buggy a soft landing in the canyons on Mars.
  • Protective windows and shields to protect the passenger from the asteroids that often hit some of the planets.

Take a look at some of the finished products below!

Posted by Miss Cammiss on 26 October 2018

Category: Year 5

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