Y5/6 Netball away vs Bardsey Primary School – Won 10-0

5 May 2017

In their final game of the Netball season, the team travelled to Bardsey; knowing that although they couldn’t finish in the top two places, they could still grab third which, in a 15 team league, would still be very impressive. Bardsey, having already beaten Bramham earlier in the evening, were playing their second game. The first quarter saw a lot of Shadwell possession, but the team just couldn’t put the ball in the hoop. The second quarter soon rectified that, with Gracie scoring three points to give the team the lead going into half time.

The second half continued the same theme, with Shadwell able to turn their possession into points. There was great play from everybody and it was brilliant to see those players in particular, who’d developed since the start of the season now confident and making big contributions to the team! Well done team for a fantastic season!


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