Author Visit

15 March 2017

Following on from World Book Day, Shadwell had a very special visitor called Daniel Ingram Brown who popped in to do a workshop.  He talked about what it is like to be an author and held and interactive session about creating a M O N S T E R in a story which meant that EVERYONE was excited to WRITE!

The children were so inspired that everywhere you looked in KS2, people were reading one of Daniel Ingram-Brown's books...

Book review: Rise of the Shadow Stealers by Raiden


The plot is about two characters called Fletcher and Scoop, who are apprentice adventures, and they go to Boltting Academy .They train on Full Stop Island, where Boltting Academy is located. They came across many strange creatures and discussions a long their mythical adventure.

My favourite part:

My favourite part was when the old woman wrote a half finished letter to Boltting Academy. I liked because I wanted to know what know what the rest of the letter was meant to say… what would she have written next?

Could it be improved?

The only thing the author could’ve done to improve it would’ve been to add more information at the start of the book, with a sentence or two about each character in the story (where they could be sketched too).


I would recommend the Firebird chronicles to a friend; especially if they enjoy the adventure element because it has an exciting twist to it.

Author Visit