World Book Day

5 March 2017

We had a SUPER time during World Book Day! Lots of visitors came into school to see us to explain how they use reading EVERY DAY. They also talked about their favourite books, read to us and explained how to be a great writer too. The children and staff all looked excellent in their costumes too. Have a look below to see what happened.

Reading in the REAL world:

Lots of our visitors explained how they used reading in their jobs. We had a bit of a focus on SPORT in our reading too as lots of the boys explained that that's what they liked to read about.

At the Rugby Club, one of our parents has to send and read lots of emails to organise events:

Subject: Lions Lair camping & belly buster breakfast!!

Morning All,

Further to some great ideas being discussed at the junior meeting on Monday please see the dates for the Lions test matches in New Zealand below -

24th June 1st test All Blacks v Lions

1st July 2nd test All Blacks v Lions

8th July 3rd test All Blacks v Lions

Kick offs likely to be 8am ish Uk time

I think the camping idea in the grounds at the club is great for all minis & juniors and would be very popular through all ages. I suggest we could meet at 7pm ish. Organise some softball, rounders etc. (year groups could all play each other, mixed groups with kids & parents), BBQ after (1 year group could be responsible for BBQ & organise food, clean up, etc..?)

Charge each person camping £5 - £10 for the evening (split proceeds between minis year groups who attend including current u12s)

U14s already mentioned volunteering to do a "Lions Breakfast". Suggest this would fit in perfectly with breakfast being served from 7ish by U14s volunteer parents who also clean up, etc. after. Proceeds of breakfast then go to U14s. There will be plenty of senior rugby folks who come to watch the match in the bar and minis parents - who camp out - to buy breakfasts as well.

This could be a great event involving several year groups working together and the kids having a great time but we would need quite a few volunteers from the various current mini year groups.

Stafford I hope it sits well with you? Are there any reservations and would any of the dates above be better than the others? I would suggest 1st July as it is easy to remember and it will be a massive match - as it always is!!

We could advertise it very soon to make sure people are fully aware before the season ends if we are going to "Go For It!!"

What do you think folks??

Two of our pupils read some poetry to the whole school to show their love of Cricket and Rugby:

The poems were very funny and read brilliantly by the boys!

The boys talked lots about reading Match Reports.

Here is another Match Report - this time for Ruby - which includes some ex-Shadwell pupils! Our reading can be formal (for work) or informal (in chatty texts and emails).

Character Building!!

Hegians 17-Wharfedale-12

On an attrocious afternoon, Hegians welcomed old friends Wharfedale to play on the hallowed mud at Chelwood Drive this afternoon. Both sides produced some entertaining high quality, attacking rugby that defied the wintry weather that was doing its best to curtail the action. Hegians took the lead on 15 mins with "the try of the season!!". From a scrum on halfway Rian blasted down the blindside and fed Adam who linked well with Will, T & both Jacks who fed Ben who hit the line at pace & dived over to score a cracker!! Wharfedale hit back 10 mins later and levelled the scores after heavy pressure led to a good try from their impressive no8 & skipper. Half time 5-5.

With both teams defying the awful conditions the second half was a credit to all 30 players. Hegians scored 2 excellent tries through Will & Rian. Wharfedale scored a good late try but the final result of 17-12 was a fair reflection of a good match. Thanks to "Cabbage" and the Wharfedale lads for a tough contest. We look forward to going back up to the Dales in a few weeks time.

Hope all the lads have now warmed up!!
One of our visitors explained that reading helps you to imagine the words on paper as if you are really there! He used Tim Peake's description of Earth from Space as an example. The language was BEAUTIFUL!

All of our visitors were BRILLIANT! One talked to us about simply finding something that you LOVE and reading about that; others explained how reading led to them becoming GREAT Writers and PUBLISHED Authors. What a fantastic day!

World Book Day 2017