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Our latest Minutes

School Food Ambassadors

Our School Food Ambassadors give pupils a voice about food in school. We talk about issues such as likes and dislikes, tuck shop, healthy eating and menu changes. Have a look at our minutes below to see what we discussed in our meetings!

Your school Councillors

You can spot our school councillors around school with their lovely school council badges! These badges show you that if you have any suggestions for how we can improve school then you can tell us!

We have meetings about once a month and we talk about things that matter to pupils at our school and ways to make things better!

We canvass our friends on new ideas and get a hands up of who agrees. We then take these results back to the meeting so we can decide which ideas are best. We also think of fun fundraising ideas and then decide what to spend the money on!  We have recently been involved in buying a new scooter park and games for our chess club!

We are very proud to be part of school council!