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Staying Safe Online at School

When we are at school we have lots of ways that we can stay safe on the internet. Our school is very careful only to let us access certain websites for use within the curriculum; blocking any which are unsuitable. Our internet service provider has high security levels and our learning platform has passwords and safety software built in so there are only certain things we can see and sites we can visit. We can also only email people within the school community we belong to.  

Staying Safe at Home

When we have e-safety day at School we spend a whole day doing activities and talking about ways we can stay safe on the internet. Why not visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/topics/stay-safe

and remember to;

Keep passwords secure and never share them

Never give out your personal details like your second name, phone number, address, email address or the school you go to

Only talk to people you know are your friends - Never meet up with an on-line friend

Have your privacy settings as high as possible on social media

Use the report button and ask an adult for help if you see something that worries you or makes you feel uncomfortable

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is when someone uses the internet or other technology such as mobile phones or gaming devices to say nasty things either to or about someone else.

If this happens to you - tell a trusted adult who can help you

Use the "report" or "block sender" functions on your device or social media

Anti-Bullying Week



We believe that the development of the schools E safety policy should fully involve our pupils suggestions. We have provided a unique opportunity for all pupils to share their ideas about staying safe using electronic devices during a whole school discussion. During this discussion contributions from the pupils were written down. These contributions are later compiled and incorporated into our schools E safety policy. We hold an annual e safe day that involves the local community police officer and a range of activities that help our pupils remember the key e safe messages. These activities involve a lot of discussion and practical activities such as drama and solving scenarios. Our school has an e safe mascot called "E guy". E guy always tries to work sensibly and safely using electronic devices.