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Shadwell Explorers!

Reception had a wonderful day exploring the Shadwell Primary outback! Check out the fantastic photographs.  

The children had a wonderful time last week celebrating Chinese New Year.  The whole class helped make a fabulous dragon, which we then used to create our very own dragon dance.  The children enjoyed moving in time with the rhythm of the Chinese music and practised making their own music with drums and shakers. 


We also enjoyed tasting some Chinese New Year cake (in the shape of a fish), as well as noodles and prawn crackers. We were visited by one of our parents, who told us the legend of Nian, the monster, and the origin of the traditional Lion dance – a story which enthralled the whole class.  The children were also lucky enough to be given a fortune cookie and a red envelope each.  


We have been investigating 2D and 3D shapes this week, counting corners, edges, faces and sides and using words such as curved and straight to describe them.    The children went on a shape hunt, created a marvellous “shape city” as well as shape snowflakes and used a feely bag to describe shapes to each other.



In phonics we have continued to learn digraphs – where two letters “hold hands” to make one sound.  Please continue to practise these at home.

oo       long sound, as in boot   

Our topic this term is SPACE as the children have shown a keen interest in this subject over the past few weeks, building rockets and spaceships both indoors and outdoors.  On Monday the children blasted off to space in their homemade rockets!

Whilst in space the children have thought of lots of questions they want to explore:

  • Where do astronauts get their food from?
  • Where do astronauts sleep?
  • Are there houses in space?
  • Where do you even go to to get to space?
  • Why are there lots of different buttons in a space station?
  • Why are there aliens in space?
  • What is the difference between a rocket and an aeroplane?


The children are continuing to practise reading and writing words containing the Phase 2 sounds.

Image result for jolly phonics phase 2

To support your child at home continue to spot these graphemes and phonemes around your home and local environment.  Don’t forget to practise Class R’s tricky words too:

the, to, I, no, go, into

The following link contains lots of fun, interactive games using the Phase 2 sounds:   www.phonicsplay.co.uk

JMc 31 10 16 007


Our number focus for the next two weeks is 6 and 7.  Class R will be exploring these numbers using Numicon, natural resources, songs and problem solving.


Our focus this term is dance.  The children will be exploring space through movement and expression.  They will be learning to negotiate travelling safely, changing speed and direction and linking a sequence of moves together.   The children will also be finding out their new house teams and receiving their coloured t-shirts.

This term we will be sending home stars for parents to share their children’s achievements at home.  These will be added to their learning journeys to help record progress and plan child-initiated activities.


Development Matters!

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