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Welcome to Class 6...

Post SATs, Y6 enjoyed a FUN party afternoon to celebrate just how awesome they were during the week - they demonstrated so much resilience and knew that they were ready to show their best. Their daily morning DANCE routine, laughter and 'Yoga' breathing (led by Gracie) kept everyone feeling positive and VERY 'Zen'. They were all given a 'BopItBalloon' to have fun with over the weekend - the giant orbs were filled with rice and of course....glitter! They were super noisy and SUPER FUN! 

Have you been on Spellodrome this week?


Titanic - what can you find out?

You will need to complete some research so that you can write a report about the Titanic next week (12.5.17).
Sections might include: 

Statistics about the ship and the building of it.
Why it was such an amazing ship.
What it was like inside and how each level was different.

Details about the distaster - this could be a recount style of writing or a newspaper style section within the report.
Different eye-witness accounts of the distaster perhaps from different classes of passenger / staff.

Any other interesting information that you wish to include.

You will need to print some pictures that will make your piece of work interesting and think about how the layout / design of your work will look in your Writing Book.

Look HERE on National Geographic for more information about the Titanic...

If you want to print your pictures off at school, send them in a word document to the Class 6 Homework address before Thursday11.05.17


Top Banana has had such a fantastic weekend playing Basketball and visiting The Rotal Armouries in Leeds! Unfortunately, he needed some emergency surgery but he is recovering well and is ready for next week's nomination! 

Drugs Awareness: PSHE

This week, a Police Officer visited us while 'off duty' to talk to us about what a drug was and the difference between legal and illegal drugs. 

We understood that we need some drugs, such as medicines, to make us feel better when we are poorly. 

It was interesting to think of a human body like a car; it helped us to value all of the organs inside our body as we realised that people couldn't simply pop to the shop to buy a new heart (or any other organ) if theirs was damaged by misusung drugs.

We were fascinated by the law around illegal drugs and the punishments associated with them. He explained that he wrong choices in our of life now could still have an impact in later life if something was marked on a Criminal Record. 


As part of our English Curriculum, we had to learn a poem off by heart and recite it. We decided to perform it on World Book Day - it is a poem about WWII.


World Book Day was INCREDIBLE! We all dressed up and enjoyed spending time with some really cool visitors. We were really interested in jobs and started talking about what our careers might be...


Top Banana has been enjoying time with everyone in Class 6. He has celebrated TWO birthdays recently. Did you know that each week he decides a name by whispering in Miss Pickard's ear? They are sometimes quite unusual names...

Arthur (Top Banana) and I had a great weekend. I taught him how to do heelys and my cousin showed him how to cross stitch! Top Banana also loved going to the country side.


This is a picture of me and Top banana on Saturday when I was at Karate; I passed my gradings and I got my yellow belt and a certificate (I am now 7th Kyu).

Top Banana RY 1(1)

Banana's about Pets!


This is a picture of me and Top banana (below) on Wednesday when it was my Mummy's birthday - Top Banana loved the cake! 

Top Banana RY2

We had a fun-filled, action-packed day at Thwaite Mills to start off our WW2 topic. We learnt all about Thwaite Mills itself and how it was used to make putty during the war, about rationing (ration books and how much the average adult would have been allowed for one week), currency during the war, air raid sirens and different types of shelters, gas masks and much more. It was a fantastic day and can't wait to learn more about the war years over the coming term. 

Top Banana on Tour... Where will it get to this week?


We have had a fantastic time at Allerton Grange – they have AMAZING resources so we had a MacBook and a Robot (Lego NXT Mindstorms and EV3 Mindstorms robots to be precise) to share with our partner.

You can do such cool things with them – one has even been programmed to PLAY GUITAR and there is a WHOLE Lego factory that is run by the Mindstorms! We think they are totally awesome!

The tasks we did were to:

  • Move the robot  from A-B (a straight line)
  • Move the robot  from A-B (a straight line), program the robot to turn 180 degrees using the number of wheel rotations to work out the turns needed
  • Use our knowledge of the number of wheel rotations for 180 degrees to work out the turns needed for a 90 degree turn; we then needed to direct the robot around a square
  • Move the robot around the square and then into the middle while controlling a ‘basher arm’ to knock over a Lego figure
  • Finally, we added touch sensors so that of the robot touched something it would turn around and move away from the object! 

Our Top Bananas have been busy again. Check out the photos.

We have finished our unit of control making ‘Sprites’ move on Scratch Animation.  We have had so much fun adding unique movements and sounds on top of our custom-designed backgrounds!

They are HILARIOUS and made us all laugh!

We have also finished our topic ‘Where do I fit in the World?’

We have been speaking about how we, as fantastic individuals, can make the world a better place with random acts of kindness and smiles and by challenging negative ideas and stereotypes.

This week in French we have been learning how to say what is in our town.

Can you work out these phrases?

Dans ma ville, il y a une post.

Dans ma ville, il y a une boulangerie.

In English, we have been developing our inference and deduction skills by making conclusions about Scar from the Lion King using clues from a film clip and our knowledge of the world around us.

We have also started to interrogate an extract from The Hunger Games thinking about how Katniss feels at specific points in the text.

We have been developing our vocabulary too by exploring antonyms and synonyms; and collecting phrases we love from our reading, thinking about how well we know a word – Red (I’ve never heard it before), Amber (I’ve heard it but I’m unsure what it means), or Green (I recognise the word and can use it myself)

We decided that our RED word of the week would be scepticism (noun) / sceptical (adjective) / sceptically (adverb).

Can you say them all in a sentence with someone at home?

We also liked the word ‘hew’ – can you use a dictionary to find out what it means?

French Week 4

The Top Bananas have had a really exciting weekend! They have been to Golden Acre Park and playing tennis!

In Maths we have been exploring numbers to TEN MILLION with up to 3 decimal places. 


Can you read this number accurately and write it with the commas in the correct place? Can you write it in words? What is the value of the underlined digits?



I am 4 places larger than a tenth. What am I?

I am 2 places smaller than a Ten Million. What am I?

I am 5 places bigger than a Unit. What am I?

We have had a busy start to the year getting used to our new classroom and preparing our books and planner for the year ahead. Even though the planners arrived late, we have now added all of our ‘owed’ stamps to them – they look great!

Class 6 Shark 1(2)
Who knows where our reading will take us this year?
Where will reading take us(2)

We have created our autobiographical collages and they make the classroom look amazing and personalise it as OURS!

Class 6 collage(3)

We CAN’T WAIT to find out who will be ‘pick of the bunch’ and receive the prestigious Top Banana award each week! Watch this space for our photographs of the adventures we get up to with our banana-friend in tow!

Top Banana 1(2)

We’re looking forward to starting our reading challenge to see how many reading certificates we can earn! We have each set ourselves a target.  We LOVE being in the SHARK INFESTED WATERS of our reading corner as we ‘take a bite out of a good book’… Reading really does ROCK!

We have also loved our HYPHEN-HUNT in reading – we now understand how to join words together to make compound adjectives. We also know the difference between a hyphen and a dash (a dash is used in parenthesis to embed a clause or to add more information if you didn’t know!).

Hyphen Hunt Class 6(2)

​Madam Pringle (our visiting French teacher from Allerton Grange) has started our weekly French lessons. We met the French speaking Rory the lion and he taught our class puppy (Geoffrey) some French greetings.

Can you spot Geoffrey in the reading area on one of our pictures?

Class 6 Reading Corner(3)

Our topic learning about the Global Economy and where we fit in the world is really interesting – we have started to think about imports and exports, where our goods are manufactured around the globe and WHY they are manufactures in such places.

Topic Class 6(3)Top Banana 2(2)