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Welcome to Class 5

Leeds Children's Mayor

This year Shadwell Primary will be taking part in the Leeds Children’s Mayor citizenship and democracy programme for Year 5 primary school pupils.  

The Leeds Children’s Mayor (LCM) programme has been running for 12 years and is delivered as a partnership between the Leeds City Council Democratic Services and Voice & Influence Teams.  LCM aims to actively engage children in the process of democracy and promote an understanding of rights and responsibilities as well as being an active citizen. It is an opportunity for schools to encourage and support pupils to be democratically engaged, aspirational and to recognise that their actions can influence change. It can support your existing SMSC and PSHE  provision.

Schools are invited to enter one candidate from year 5, who will be in year 6 when they become the Leeds Children’s Mayor as the elections and voting period will be held over the summer holidays. We strongly encourage schools to ask all of their year 5 pupils to complete an application and hold a vote in school to choose your best overall entry to submit. Details of the task that will be set and photo consent requirements are in the attached documents.


Class 5 thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day on 2nd March.  Everyone put so much effort into dressing up as their favourite book character.  We took part in lots of interesting and fun activities which related to reading.  Class 5 learnt why it is important to read from a young age by listening to visitors coming in and out of the classroom.  It was a motivating day to hear from different people their positive views on reading and why they personally read.  The day was such a success so thank you to Miss Pickard for organising it!  



This week, we launched our topic of Ancient Greeks by inviting John into school.  We were very lucky to have this opportunity as he brought loads of artefacts with him and showed us all about the daily life of the Greeks.  Some of the children got to try the unique Ancient Greek clothing and even tried wearing the slave chain, which allowed us all to see the divide between the rich and poor.  After going through the background of the history, we were all allowed to have our own chance to discover the artefacts in more detail.  When we drew the artefacts, we gained an insight knowledge of what they were made from and what the Greeks used them for.  All the children enjoyed trying on the heavy helmets and looking at the different spears, which we couldn't quite believe the size of.  Overall, it was a great morning into class 5’s first insight into the Greek!



Class 5 finished off Gymnastics by performing their group routines.  The children enjoyed participating and putting together a range of rolls and different balances in groups.  As there was a range of abilities, Class 5 really showed their strengths of working together as a team and supporting one another, especially when they were focusing on the different techniques.  This was really refreshing to see.  When each group performed their completed routine, everyone gave constructive feedback so that everyone can excel in the future.


In PE, Class 5 have started their orienteering lessons by working as a team to find seven letters to make the word ‘winning’.  They had to figure out which station the letters would be at by working as a team and staying together whilst they ran around the school grounds.  This was so much fun and started to prepare us for Robinwood.  We then finished the lesson by completing different exercises around the field.  It was brilliant to see the red, rosy cheeks afterwards, showing everyone that everyone had put effort in.  



Class 5 celebrated Chinese New Year on Friday 27th January, where we completed lots of exciting activities.  We began the day with sketching and painting our names in Chinese.  The children experimented with using different sized brushes to see which gave the greatest effect. 

After lunch we completed some taste testing of Chinese food.  We tasted dumplings and cake.  There were mixed reviews about the food products but the majority loved the experience of trying something new!  Daniel kindly brought in some fortune cookies.  We all loved reading out what our fortunes were in the upcoming year.  


In Science this half term, class 5 have started their new topic of materials and the different properties.  As a class we have made predictions about whether materials are soluble or insoluble in water.  We have all had a go at completing an experiment where we tried to separate objects from each other using the different methods of filtering, evaporation or sieving.  The children thoroughly enjoyed working together to see if their predictions were correct.  

This half term we have connected art to our South American topic on rainforests.  We have focused on the artist Henri Rousseau, who created the painting of the Tiger in the Tropical Storm.  We started off experimenting in our sketchbooks by mixing different paint colours together to create alternative colours used in the painting, really encouraging the children to think about what colours are in a rainforest.

The children then explored different textures that could be created with a range of materials.  This included adding tissue paper in PVA glue and painting over it, exploring water colours where we added salt to the wet paint to give a varied texture on the page.  We then experimented with oil and chalk pastels, with a section of the painting. 

All this testing allowed the children to try a range of media so that eventually they will be able to create a collage of the Tiger in the Tropical Storm using different materials, layering and media to create a final piece.    

For Remembrance Day, Class 5 and 6 visited St. Paul’s Church in Shadwell.  This trip really benefited the children as they got to learn about why we celebrate Remembrance Day and which people in Shadwell had lost their lives in either World War one or two.  We then all held a minute silence which allowed us to reflect on what we had been told and think about the people today who are at war, representing the country.

Last week, it was anti-bullying week and as a class we completed a PSHE lesson on why anti-bullying week exists.  We then thought about the opposite of bullying and how as a class we had shown kindness recently.  All the children wrote their act of kindness on a heart and a display was produced.  It was really lovely to hear all the children’s acts of kindness that they had completed.


On Monday, Class 5 participated in African Voices day.  The children got to learn about the different perceptions of Africa and what Africa is like.  As a class we got to learn lots of aspects that were really surprising to us all and allowed the children to have opportunity to use some deeper thinking skills.  The children even learnt a game that the African children used to play.  This showed the children that you can have fun with very little money and resources.  It was enjoyable to watch the children being competitive by competing with each other and see who the bottle top champion was!  Throughout the day, we got to hear the children’s individual points of view and see them working together in groups to discuss their different opinions.  It was lovely to hear the children’s comments about the day and how they thoroughly enjoyed learning about Africa, in a different way. 

To continue with our topic of Life Cycles in Science, Class 5 went on a trip to Harlow Carr.  Despite the snowy weather, we managed to get to Harlow Carr and complete the workshop on Seed Dispersal.  The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the different seeds and how they dispersed.  None of us could believe how big some of the seeds actually were especially the seed named after an elephant’s bottom!    

This week we started our Mayan topic properly.  We started learning about the time period of when the Mayans happened.  Before we looked at the Mayans, we looked at other time periods in History and what events occurred when.  We put the events in chronological order and added in the time period of the Mayans.  The children were fabulous in working as a team to put the events in chronological order.

Class 5 have continued with our Mayan paper plates by adding colour using pastels and wax crayons.  Then around the outside we put different colours of tissue paper.  The children enjoyed finishing their Mayan plates off to create a fabulous, colourful display to brighten up the classroom. 

In PSHE, we finished the half term with Exit day where we spoke about how we as individuals fitted into the world.  We discussed about the different communities we were part of, where we have been in the world and the different place we were born.  The children filled in a puzzle piece to show their individualities about how they fit into the world.  Then as a whole class we fitted the jigsaw together to show that the whole class fits together as a family. 

In Art this week we have started the topic on the Ancient Mayans.  Class 5 used pictures and artefacts to look at the different styles and patterns that are connected with the Mayans.  The children started sketching these designs on their paper plates.  All the children are really excited about starting this new History topic!

In Science, Class 5 got a letter from Greg the Gardner who wanted us to complete an experiment to test which was the place for plants to grow.  We put plants in the classroom by the window, in a dark place and in the fridge, all with and without water.  The class replied to the letter from Greg the Gardner with their results.  As a class we found that the plants that grew the best were placed in the classroom and were given water.

This week class 5 got to harvest their beetroot that they had planted in the summer term.  They were impressed with how much the beetroot had grown over the summer and enjoyed picking it out of the ground in the allotment.  After they picked it, they all got to have a taste.  There were mixed reactions on the taste but most of the class enjoyed the class grown beetroot

In Geography, class 5 have continued with their topic to identify and locate major world countries and cities.  They did this by using atlas to create a world map in groups.  Each group took a continent and identified major human and physical characteristics within them, such as rivers and mountains.  The children loved working as a team to explore and find out about different aspects of each continent.

In Science, class 5 have been learning all about the life cycle of a plant.  We talked about the different parts of a plant and created a display showing pollination and fertilisation happening in a plant.  From this, class 5 went away and completed their learning log homework on a life cycle of a butterfly and how it is different from a plant.  All the children put in lots of effort, including making a 3D butterfly in their learning log book. 


Welcome to my new class 5, from your teacher, Miss Percy!  We have all been busy settling in and getting used to the new routines of Class 5.  Our theme for the half term is ‘Where do I fit in the world?’  We completed some work connected to this theme in PSHE as we started looked at the Olympic Values.  We thought about how we could apply these values in everyday life with some deep discussion.  

Class 5 are really delighted to be participating in Netball in PE.  All the children have been practicing the different throwing and footwork techniques needed to play a game of Netball.  They have been doing paired and team games to improve their skills. 

All the children have enjoyed using the reading corner, on a daily basis, to complete reading challenges and read their books.  They really do love ‘diving into a good book!’