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Yesterday we enjoyed a fabulous day at Temple Newsam where we stepped back in time to 655AD. Lady Freya hosted us in her mead hall and we learned the art of bread making from scratch - and we literally mean from scratch! First we were sorted into 3 social classes, from slaves to freeman. Next we participated in threshing the wheat, separating the wheat from the chaff with a winnow basket, grinding the wheat into flour before kneading our dough thoroughly. After a spot of well earned lunch, we had to practise our sword and shield skills - as well as our war cries! A great day was had by all, and it couldn't have happened without the help of Mrs Newman and Mrs Mackie. Thank you! We hope you all enjoy watching!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Last week we celebrated Chinese New Year with a whole day filled with fun activities and learning about the importance of traditions of other cultures. In art, we experimented with different brushes and styles of painting to create our own chinese calligraphy in our scrapbooks. It was great fun and we learned a lot about control of pressure on the paintbrush to create different effects. 

We had a music lesson where we explored musical terms such as timbre, pitch, pulse, duration, tempo and dynamics. We listened to chinese instruments playing and tried to work out what sort of instrument it might look like from what we could hear. We then heard the same instruments playing contemporary songs which was very interesting as it changed what we thought about a song that we already knew. Finally we were able to use our skills to compose some wonderful melodies for the chorus of a CNY song on glockenspiels!

Finally we got to taste some chinese food. There was a coconut new year cake in the shape of a fish (which represent prosperity) which most of us liked. The dumplings were mainly a hit, and we enjoyed them dipped in soya sauce. Mrs Yong kindly brought in some fortune cookies and sour sweets for us which we tried to mixed reactions!


We have been developing our gymnastics skills with Mr Brotherton this half term, and found that something that sounds really easy is actually quite hard! We used balance boards and took turns to see if we could stay still on them, first with both feet, then lifting one foot at a time, until we had to try to crouch down and stand back up - with our eyes closed! We discovered that closing your eyes can really affect your balance and makes it a lot harder to do something as you have no point of reference. There was a bit of falling over but with concentration and determination, most of us were able to do it without any support by the end!

Art Scrapbooks

We have had great fun developing our art scrapbooks this half term. As we are studying Italy, we have focused on Italian artists, old and new, and pictures of various places in Italy. We looked at the Salle Della Asse in Milan which is a beautiful wall and ceiling painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. After practising mixing colours to get the same colours as in the painting, we tried to paint a section of the trees and leaves in the same way as he did - upside down on the ceiling! As we couldn't reach the ceiling, Mrs Fell taped paper to the underneath of our tables and we had a brilliant afternoon lying on the floor trying to be precise with our paints. We did find it difficult, and tiring, as you have less control over the paintbrush this way. 

We then explored water colours and tried to recreate a vibrant trees and village scene, by adding to and extending a picture given to us. It was difficult with all the water to keep the colours 'clean' but with some patience we were able to 'wash' the palette and keep the colours as vibrant as we could.

Finally we explored two different types of pastels - chalk and oil - to recreate an oil painting. We found the oil pastels were much easier to create the texture of an oil painting however the chalk could create a beautiful smooth effect when smudged together and colours could be blended easily.

In PSHE we have been looking at 'keeping safe', in line with our curriculum theme for this half term. We explored how to keep safe online, in particular when gaming, and discussed the different reasons that games have age restrictions on. Next we looked at different situations that involved risk and hazards, debating which was the most dangerous and the effect of peer pressure on our choices. Finally, we looked at emergency situations - what constitutes an emergency and what to do if there is one. We acted out a freeze frame of different emergency situations, showing the reactions that some people have in these situations. Can you guess what some of the reactions were?

King of the Classroom:

The next two stars in class 4 are Abi and Harry D - they have been setting excellent examples for the rest of us to follow by handing in work that has been well thought out, beautifully written and had 100% effort put in. They have set the bar high - so the rest of class 4 has upped their game to try and secure the spot of star of the week next week. Snap went home with both of them and had a great time at a party, cooking, and over at Nana's house!

We have continued studying the Romans in topic, looking at Hadrian's Wall and building a small section in our classroom filled with information all about the wall! Did you know that it was 6m high when it was first built? 


In science we have been learning about the digestive system, creating all the organs that form it and making a life-size, 3D model for our working wall! The children became experts on their organ and presented fantastic facts to the classroom about each one and its function. We're now looking at teeth in more detail, and are looking forward to conducting an experiment next week to discover what different food and drink may do to our teeth if we do not look after them.

The Romans!

We were very lucky to have John the Legionary come and visit us at school! He had loads of artefacts with him and talked us through how the Romans lived. A brave volunteer became class 4's slave and had to wear a slave chain that all Romans carried around with them. We had the opportunity to explore some artefacts ourselves, and we had to draw them, work out what they were made from and what they were used for. The favourite section was the fire pit where there was  a fire iron and flint that we could strike to make sparks which Romans then used to make fires. We also had the opportunity to wear Roman clothes, test a prayer horn, try on a few helmets (which were very heavy) and look at a Gladius - a type of Roman sword. Many thanks to John for the brilliant workshop!

On Wednesday, Class 4 went on a visit to Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. We had a fantastic time, and because of the cold weather our minibeast hunt turned into more of an amphibian hunt! There were lots of frogs and toads hibernating in gaps and cracks in the logs and trees around the meadow. We were able to coax a few out so that we could look at them up close, and let them go safely next to the log where we found it.  We then played a food web game where we learned the impact of removing a producer or consumer within a habitat.

After a quick lunch and visit to the farmyard animals, we went pond dipping to see what animals we could find. There were a lot more than expected, from waterboatmen and mayfly nymphs to stickleback fish which we released back into the river. The fish had to be released into the river as there are no natural predators for them in the pond, so if their numbers became too large they would destroy the delicate ecosystem of the pond by eating all of the smaller animals. We were very lucky to find a massive tadpole which had 'Peter Pan syndrome' - it never grew up! We learned that whilst scientists are not sure why it happens, occasionally a tadpole will never turn into a frog and stay a tadpole, becoming larger each year.

Despite the cold toes, we all had a fantastic time. Many thanks to Mrs Newman and Miss McHugh who joined us on the trip.


Year 4 have a new behaviour system in place which rewards children with excellent behaviour, and allows them the opportunity to change their attitudes to show they are ready to learn again. Alongside this, we have our King of the Classroom - children who have shown exemplary behaviour throughout the week and worked on their own personal targets consistently. They will be taking home Snap and Hunter, our class 4 sharks, to show them how we play hard at the weekend after working hard all week!

The first two Kings of the Classrooms that we have had have been Milly and Kamran - they have been setting an excellent example for the class to follow. Keep it up!


Our 'Where Will Reading Take You?' reading corner is now completed. Class 4 have been very keen to read their books in the tranquil space, complete with floating clouds, waterfall and bright sun so they can be transported to different worlds through their reading. 

Class 4 have had a very exciting week! We were able to do some fantastic cheese tasting to come up with excellent vocabulary to apply to our expanded noun phrases. The Emmental, Camembert and chevre (goat's cheese) went down a treat and there were even a few brave students who tried the rather smelly Roquefort! Together we chose some of our favourite expanded noun phrase sentences that we had come up with and wrote them up for our working wall.

In R.E. we have been studying Diwali - the Hindu 'Festival of lights' which celebrates the New Year. We learned all about the return of Rama and Sita, and how they were guided back to Ayodhya by divas (oil lamps). Diwali actually means 'rows of lighted lamps', and so we had a go at making our own divas out of clay. Diwali is all about filling your home with light and letting go of the gloom and the darkness - so hopefully our lamps will be able to bring some extra light into the fast approaching winter nights!