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Class 3 visited Bagshaw museum on Wednesday 21st June. They had a great time examining real Ancient Egyptian artefacts, drawing artefacts in the Kingdom of Osiris and watching a pretend mummification ceremony. It was amazing to actually touch pottery and tools that once passed through the fingers of an Ancient Egyptian over 4000 years ago! This adventure really brought our History topic alive! 



Class 3 have had two very special visitors come into the classroom and share their careers based in the Science world. This is part of a new imitative to show children how Science takes place in the  adult world as jobs. Mrs Whittle came to visit and talk about x rays and light as she is a radiographer. Mrs Hirst came to visit to talk about healthily eating and food categories because she used to be a dietitian. The children found it fascinating. Our special visitors will also visit Bramham school soon. Mr Mallett hopes that more parents will get involved with this scheme to promote Science and technology. 



Class 3 had a wonderful experience on Friday 19th May when they carried out some activities organised by the RSPB. The children watched a presentation by 3 members of the RSPB about habitats and then went out onto the field to carry out a survey. The children studied the animal environments outside and used coloured stickers to record a feature, for example, a mature tree, long grass or pond. As they progressed the stickers recorded a trail. The children learnt how different animals prefer different habitats. Certain plants and environments provide food for birds. The coloured stickers provided a useful tally of what sorts of habitats we have around our school grounds. It provides a great resource to extend habitats that score low on the trail. There are some great opportunities now to follow up this work with some great data collecting. 



Class 3 had a wonderful time planting their potatoes that had been carefully chitted in the classroom. Mrs Kennet showed the children how to prepare the soil and plant the potatoes the correct way up so the shoots were facing upright. Chitting means leaving seed potatoes in a dry dark place indoors that allow the shoots to poke out of the skin of the potato. The children had to be careful not to damage the early shoots as they were very fragile. Class 3 will now check on their potatoes throughout the next few months and hopefully harvest a crop later in the Summer! 

Class 3 had an amazing time at Magna museum on Friday 10th March. First we took part in a magnet workshop and discovered what materials are magnetic. We handled magnets, took part in exciting experiments and even got to see an electronic magnet float as if by magic! We learnt how some magnets repel and used this Science to push toy cars down race tracks. We observed just how powerful large magnets can be as our teacher loaded bags of salt into a box held by ropes to two magnets stuck together. We wondered when the magnets would break apart under the pressure! It took about 20 kg before the magnets separated! We visited all the galleries within the museum featuring hands on exploration activities based on Earth, water, air and fire elements. It was a truly wonderful day  full of adventure and discovery! 





Class 3 had a great day on Thursday 2nd March on World Book Day! All the children dressed up as characters from books and took part in activities celebrating reading. Mr Mallett dressed up as "Wallie" from the "Where's Wallie" range of books. All the children put so much effort into their costumes and by the end of the day wanted to write their own little books! There are quite a few budding authors in class 3! 


Art and creativity fully celebrated in class 3!

Look at this exciting new addition to our classroom! We now have a real Art gallery corner inspired by our teachers Artwork. Mr Mallett drew lots of pictures when he was a boy and he has shared his work with us in the form of an Art gallery. We really enjoy bringing our Artwork in and adding it to our teachers display. We really enjoyed learning about pencil sketching techniques and Mr Mallett shared his sketch pad skills with us. 


Chinese New year activities

Class 3 celebrated Chinese new year on Friday 27th January (the year of the roaster) by tasting Chinese dumplings and cake, writing facts and designing puppet Chinese dragons! We all had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed learning new facts! 

Class 3 have a wonderful new working wall in their classroom. The theme is Freedom! On this display is a selection of English support work along with topic vocabulary. Our class book for the first two weeks of this half term has been "Henry's freedom box. You can see vocabulary linked with persuasive text. We also have a dramatic 3D model depicting a person who is jailed. We have discussed what exactly freedom means and who in the past and present has their freedom taken away from them. Some of  our class assemblies are linked with this theme as well. You can also see a model of the water cycle. We have just learnt all about this Geographical process. At Shadwell Primary we believe working walls should be dynamic and exciting. I hope you enjoy looking at ours! 

Welcome back class 3 after the Christmas break! It is the beginning of a new Spring term although it feels too cold to be Spring yet!

Our theme this half term is "What does it mean to be free?"

It's great to roam freely around our lovely countryside.

Class 3 have been learning about persuasive leaflets. They examined a leaflet from Scar fell twin peaks walk. The leaflet encourages people to explore the hills, take their dogs walking and enjoy the scenery.

Have a look at this cut up leaflet and see if you can find these features:

  1. Attractive, eye catching design.
  2. Title
  3. Introduction
  4. Headings/subheadings
  5. Different sized fonts
  6. Paragraphs
  7. Written in present tense or past tense
  8. Persuasive language
  9. Useful information
  10. Maps
  11. Photographs or designs.
Capture scar fell 1(1)Capture Scar fell 2(1)

A new display had appeared in class 3! It is a display celebrating the Bible and will help us learn more about what makes the Bible a special book for Christians.  We have been examining what special books we have at home and explaining why they are special to us. Mr Mallett has added a henge to our Stone Age display and surrounded it in little lights that flash and glow. There is a certain mysticism  connected with h hedges at this adds a great effect to out classroom! It's nearly 3 weeks till Christmas and our classroom wonderfully displays all the exciting work we have been doing in class 3 during the autumn term! 

On Tuesday 1st November class 3 had a great experience finding out the about Stone Age when John from "Historical interpretations" visted the class. John has spent many years collecting historical artefacts and he really enjoys teaching children about archeology. He showed the children several animal skins that Stone Age people would have used to keep warm by making clothes. He showed the children lots of stone tools and arrow heads. The children studied timelines and also drew careful drawings of the objects John brought in. The class learnt how Stone Age people protected themselves. They learnt how ancient people farmed and that most people did not live much past twenty years old! The children learnt about a Victorian historian called Pitt Rivers who came from Wetherby. Mr Mallett told the class about the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford that he used to visit as a little boy! It is full of all the things Pitt Rivers collected. Later in the morning the children studied cave art and then reproduced Stone Age art using charcoal. Later in the week the children are going to combine their topic facts with English skills and write a recount. 

On Friday 21st October class 3 performed several musical pieces to the whole school in an assembly. They played chime bars and read simple musical scores. They learnt how to play a short piece from Holst "The planets" Some of the children played the recorder while others played chime bars with Mr Mallett on the guitar! Mr Mallett played the chords of F and C. Everyone tried so hard and kept a steady beat. Mrs Crowley (our music specialist teacher) was very proud of us. 

stone age

On Thursday 20th October Evelyn from Mr Mallett's class brought a cardboard model into school that she had made at home. It was a model of her fathers car. She told Mr Mallett she had been inspired after attending innovation club when the children were asked to make designs from scrap cardboard. The detail is amazing on Evelyn's car and she really studied all the features on the real car! This model has inspired Mr Mallett to base his first whole school Science display board around Evelyn's work. Science and innovation is all around us. Girls and boys can make great inventors and scientists. Mr Mallett wants to show the Science and innovation contained in Evelyn's model car. 

Class 3 have a new addition to their reading area - a puffer fish! Class 3 reading area has a wonderful ocean theme and all the children love going into it to read! Many of the children are completing their logs of books read and are adding comments and a star award for how enjoyable it was! 


Class 3 are enjoying their Geography topic and have just written a letter to an employee at a garden centre in Oxford asking questions about what indoor plants need to grow healthily. 


On Tuesday the class used a chart to help organise their paragraphs that would later appear in their letters. Formal letters are normally organised into paragraphs that contain different bits of information. The class are getting quite good at organising and writing a formal letter. The children worked with a talk partner because sharing and discussing new skills is the best way to learn! 


A huge welcome from your teacher Mr Mallett (who loves flying aeroplanes) to my new class for September 2016! I'm delighted to report that everyone has really settled in wonderfully and I'm so proud of my class! Our big theme for the half term is "where do I fit in the world?" We have already been learning outside using compass directions in orienteering with reference to distant locations such as London, Scotland, Scarborough and the Yorkshire Dales. We have started circle time and have produced some wonderful work already in our books. On Wednesday we visited the allotment with Mrs kennet and harvested our corn. It is hard to believe that we planted such small seeds last year and now look how tall they have grown! 


On Friday Mrs Crowley started the first recorder session with the class and later developed the children's musical skills playing tuned percussion. Everyone has so much fun! We are studying music by Holst called the planets. In four weeks time we will perform a short piece from this music using the tuned percussion. 


Class 3 are really excited because their ocean theme reading area is nearly finished. Have a look at these photographs. All the children are keen to curl up with a good book and read in this exciting environment. One of the portholes has challenge tasks written on so that the children can apply their comprehension skills!