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Welcome to the start of a wonderful new school year in Class 2!

We are enjoying reading in our colourful reading den. At the moment the children love to choose non-fiction books about our class topics and are excited to choose their own chapter books too!


The children have settled beautifully into their busy Class 2 routines and are really impressing us with very grown up work and behaviour.



This half term we are asking the question, 'Where do I fit in the world?'

The children have been using maps of the United Kingdom to identify countries and capital cities.

We are also finding out about how the world has changed since the time of the dinosaurs. We had an exciting museum delivery of artefacts such as fossils and replica model dinosaurs to use in class. The children are enjoying handling these objects in our very own 'Dinosaur Museum' and are using the fact books to find out about their favourite dinosaurs.

We are enjoying singing our Key Stage One harvest song with our Year 1 friends... 'Big Red Combine Harvester!' It's really catchy and there are some great moves to go with it. Just ask anyone in Key Stage One and I'm sure they will teach it to you!

In RE we are learning about how different religions celebrate new life. To begin this topic all of the children (and class two teachers!) brought in a baby photo so that we could have a game of 'Guess Who'. We are looking forward to visiting Reverend Young at St. Paul's church soon to find out exactly what happens at a Christening. 

Years 2 to 6 have recently had their elections for Class Councillor. We were very proud of all of the children in Class 2 who volunteered for the job and especially the six finalists who prepared and gave a speech to the rest of the class. Here are some photographs of the finalists giving their speeches! We are looking forward to finding out which boy and girl from each class will be elected as Class Councillor later this week. 

In Maths we are learning about Place Value in numbers and have worked really hard to partition numbers into tens and ones. 

Soon we will begin times tables tests, beginning with our two times tables. We want to encourage all of our children to know their multiplication and division facts for their two times tables in order to make them confident in solving number problems. Have fun learning them Class 2! Grown-ups, we would love to hear how the children are getting on and really appreciate your support in times tables learning at home.

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