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Welcome to Class 1

Our topic is Pirates and Explorers! We have been learning all about life 350 years ago and what it would have been like to live on a Pirate ship. Lots of famous explorers sailed across the world during this period to find ‘new land’. We have also learnt all about Sir Francis Drake and how he was the first English man to sail around the world in his ship – The Golden Hind. We had SO much fun dressing up as Pirates and Explorers… Captain Blackbeard even sent us some real treasure!! We used coffee to stain paper and made treasure maps to bury our treasure! 

We have been planting garlic in our vegetable garden with Mrs Kennett. It will be ready to harvest in the summer. 


Our class have been enjoying using art sketchbooks to explore and experiment with different media. We have used oil pastels, chalks, poster paints and water colour paints to create different artistic techniques and mix colours. We have been learning about the different seasons in science, and had so much fun in art that we decided to collage each seasonal scene. We split into four teams and really enjoyed doing this and were really proud of ourselves! 

Check out our fab video below!

Now that autumn is here, Class 1 have been learning about the different seasonal changes and what happens at autumn time. We went on an ‘autumn’ walk around our school grounds and collected leaves and conkers. We did some wonderful observational drawings of the leaves and we used red, orange, yellow and brown pastels to colour them. 

This half term we are learning all about the famous 1969 Moon Landing! The children will be finding out about who Neil Armstrong is, and why we remember him as a famous significant person in history.  We made a wonderful moon with craters to put on our topic display using tissue paper, PVA glue and paint. We are going to be designing and making a rocket out of junk modelling materials to hang next to our display. 

In science we have been finding out how the human body works, and what all the different body parts are called. We all had a great time on our ‘SUPER SCIENCE DAY’ and we did lots of activities about the human body and our five senses. We even did a taste testing challenge where Miss Wilson blindfolded us and let us taste the different foods! It was really fun and we came up with some fantastic adjectives to describe the different tastes.

Our class text for the next few weeks will be ‘Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)’ by Simon Bartram. We will also be reading a non-fiction book called ‘One giant leap’ by Don Brown. 

The children really enjoyed learning all about the tradition of Bonfire Night and the Gunpowder plot story. We made some wonderful firework paintings by tying straws together and printing paint with glitter. It was so much fun and we were so proud of them that we decided to hang them in our classroom. We wrote a Bonfire Night poem and Miss Wilson even baked us some parkin cake to try! It was yummy.  

The children have had a really good start to the year and have already been very busy producing some fantastic work! It is quite scary moving from reception to year 1 with a new teacher and a new classroom, however we have settled in really well to our daily routine.

The children are really enjoying their ‘under the sea’ reading area and have been reading some lovely stories to each other, sharing ideas and discussing their favourite books. I have even watched some very imaginative puppet shows performed by groups of children! 

In our classroom we have got a post office role play area where the children have been writing their own letters and using stamps to send them in our post box! Some children have even been to visit Shadwell Post Office for their homework activity to find out what really happens to our letters when we send them. 

Do you like our self-portraits?! The children used mirrors to look carefully at their own facial features and spent a long time adding detail and shading. 

reading corner

We have loved reading ‘The Jolly Postman’ by Janet and Alan Ahlberg. The children were so excited to find out what was inside each envelope in the story and read the Jolly Postman’s letters. We have done some fantastic writing about the story using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops – the children are even beginning to use adjectives to describe! 


Our topic ‘Queen and Country’ is really interesting and we have already learnt lots of new things about Queen Elizabeth II and we are starting to think about the geographical features of where we live.