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Meet the Staff

Mrs Williamson - Early Years Teacher


Hello, my name is Mrs Williamson and I’m the Reception teacher at Shadwell Primary School and the Foundation Stage Leader across the Federation. This means I oversee both Reception classes at Bramham and Shadwell Primary School, allowing lots of opportunity to collaborate and share good practice with one another.

Each week in Reception I plan an exciting and creative curriculum inspired by the children’s observations. It’s wonderful to watch a child’s idea or interest develop into a whole class project. Our outdoor area is always open, as I believe contact with the natural world offers the children unique experiences, such as direct contact with the weather and the seasons. The outdoor environment offers space, which is particularly important to those children who learn best through active movement. Throughout the day I particularly enjoy delivering the daily phonics session. It’s wonderful to observe the children growing in confidence when independently reading and writing new words.

My goal as a teacher is to ensure every child achieves their full potential through resilience, determination and a passion to learn. 

Mrs Fell - Year 4 Teacher


Hello! My name is Mrs Fell and I teach Year 4. After a few years of working in banks in London, I decided to retrain as a teacher so I could do what I enjoy - working with children! I am very glad that I made the decision to become a teacher as I enjoy it far more than my old job. I went to university for 3 years to retrain alongside placements in different schools across Leeds. Every day is exciting for me as even I learn new things when children ask questions they have thought of. I love how the children at Shadwell are always so keen to get involved in their learning and their positive attitude makes me proud to be a Shadwell teacher.

 Outside school, I enjoy spending my time outdoors with my two dogs, and can usually be found wandering around the Yorkshire countryside on a weekend. I am also a keen scuba diver - as anyone in Year 4 will be able to tell you! 

Miss Pickard - Executive Assistant Head Teacher / Year 6 Teacher


I have always wanted to be a teacher. This led to my choices in A-Levels at college (Geography, English Literature, Sociology, and A-S Theology). Between studies, I lived and worked in Southern Ireland (Bantry, in County Cork) before spending 3 months in Australia.

A degree at Leeds University followed (Human Geography) before I embarked on a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Primary Teaching.

I am currently one of the Executive Assistant Head Teachers which means I work as part of a team to help make the Federation a fantastic place to be. There are lots of other aspects to my job too.

Some of the time, you can find me having lots of fun (and working hard) with the children in Class 6 at Shadwell. It’s an important year as the children prepare for their transition to High-School. I work alongside them to develop the skills of communication to solve any social issues, along with developing the confidence, resilience and perseverance needed to tackle any tricky work. I adore this aspect of my job as the children are such brilliant characters – each day they make me smile or feel really proud as we discuss books, global topics and even the football, TV and music!

I am also Key Stage 2 Leader across the Federation; this means I get to know the children really well and work between both Schools, organising and helping to plan exciting events for them. I do regular assemblies at both Bramham and Shadwell and I also work alongside the other teachers both schools making sure everything runs well on a day to day basis.

Finally, I am also English Leader across the Federation. This is a fantastic part of my job as I get to work with of the brilliant Teachers to think of ways to make our English lessons interactive, interesting and fun; and our classrooms exciting and engaging – especially in the reading areas!

I get to see children from Key Stage 1 and Reception as I walk around each week to say ‘hello’ and celebrate the brilliant work that they have done too. The children often write letters to me and my dog Lola who sometimes visits them.

Each week, lots of children visit me to show me their brilliant reading and writing - I give out lots of extra-special, sparkly stickers! 

Mrs Kennett - Early Years Teaching Assistant


I am Mrs Kennett and I am one of the reception class teaching assistants.  I have enjoyed working at Shadwell for over 10 years often in the role of helping individual pupils.  I have worked in all year groups over that period and in reception for the last 3 years.  I enjoy sharing my passion for the outdoors and am in charge of the school allotments and nature areas.  As a young child I had a teacher who inspired my love of nature and I hope to inspire others.  As a school we grow crops each year, compost, plant various flowers and feed the birds.  I often lead groups outside to investigate the natural environment and find bugs!

I studied at Reading University and followed by a 'PGCE’ at Roehampton, London, and I then worked in Leeds schools teaching and in support roles for many years.  I am married, have 2 grown up children and live in the countryside. 

 I love working in school.  It is a privilege to see young people grow and develop into happy, confident interested individuals.

Mrs Iqbal - Teaching Assistant


My name is Mrs Iqbal. I am one of the teaching assistants at Shadwell Primary School and I have worked throughout Key Stage 1, while also spending one year in year 3. At the moment, I am working in year 2 and also supervise lunchtimes. I have been working at Shadwell for 7 years: I thoroughly enjoy my time here and watching the children grow up to be happy and individuals ready for high school!

I always knew I wanted to work with children and managed to get a NNEB and a BTEC diploma in care and a Level 1 and 2 teaching assistant qualification. I gained this while I was working at a school full time, therefore did the work in my own time after work and in the evenings! I was driven and strived to do this due to my passion for working with and helping children.

Out of school, one of my favourite hobbies is to cook and I enjoy spending my time in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes! Although I have spent most of my life in Leeds, I love to venture out and see different parts of the world. I love sightseeing and going on holiday- in the past few recent years I have been to Dubai, Spain, Turkey and France.  

Mrs Wilson - Year 1 Teacher

Sarah Wilson

Hello, my name is Miss Wilson and I teach year 1 at Shadwell Primary School.  I have been a teacher for six years and have lots of experience teaching reception, year 1 and year 2! This is my first year at Shadwell and I am thoroughly enjoying teaching at such a wonderful school. The children are eager and keen to learn new things and impress me and the class 1 staff every day with their fantastic ideas and work. As well as being the class 1 teacher, I also lead Art and Music and help to lead Maths across Key Stage 1. I am a creative and musical person and enjoy doing lots of arty things with the children – we are not afraid to get messy in class 1! I also play the piano and am looking forward to starting a Shadwell choir with Key Stage 2.  

Miss Stroud - Year 2 Teacher


My name is Miss Stroud and I teach the children in Class 2.

I love teaching Year 2 because we enjoy learning about exciting topics such as Dinosaurs and Australia! We learn outside as much as we can and I love to support the children to explore and find out answers to their many questions.

The children in my class will tell you that I like to sing songs and read stories, and that I love to see children with a big smile on their face.

There are lots of parts to my job because I don’t just teach Class 2, I am also the Religious Education co-ordinator in school. This means that I make sure that R.E lessons are exciting and I organise links with places of worship so that children from our Federation can visit them.

I also lead Key Stage One at Shadwell which means that I am responsible for making sure that the children are happy and enjoy their learning!

To do my job I went to University for 4 years to do a degree in Primary Education. I love my job because I know that the children will never fail to make me smile. I have always wanted to be a teacher and think that it is the best job in the world!

Mr Mallet - Year 3 Teacher

Mr Mallet

My name is Mr Mallett and I teach class 3 at Shadwell Primary School. When I was a boy at school I always wanted to teach and inspire young minds! I spend a lot of my time writing songs on the guitar, flying aeroplanes or drawing. I'm a life long learner and like to study books all about the mind, creativity and ways to fulfil our potential. I really enjoy making strong community links and planning exciting educational visits. I really enjoy craft and design and run an after innovation school club . I believe  we all have talents and gifts we can share with the world and I really enjoy teaching my pupils to dream big, be resilient and strive forward.  

Miss Percy - Year 5 Teacher


My name is Miss Percy and I am the Year 5 teacher at Shadwell Primary School.  I started Shadwell in September 2016 and have loved every moment so far.  Everyone is so friendly and puts the children’s interests first with everything they do.  I love working with class 5 as we always have so much fun, as everyday something new is learnt by everyone.  With each lesson I teach, I put a lot of time and effort into making the lesson fun and involve the children’s interests so that the children learn lots and perform to the best of their ability.  At school my favourite subject was PE, meaning I love taking the children outside to participate in different aspects of sport.  I have continued this passion of PE outside of school by running and swimming on a regular basis.  From when I was a little girl, I always knew that I wanted to work with children and be a teacher and now I am happy to have reached this goal! 

Mrs Richards - Year 6 Teacher


My name is Mrs Richards and I teach in Year 6, working alongside Miss Pickard. I also lead Maths across the Federation which a real passion of mine!

Having completed my degree in English and History of Art, I worked for the Home Office for a couple of years before re-training as a teacher in schools in and around London. I then moved to the Midlands where I continued to teach, and completed my post graduate study in Special Educational Needs and Disability.

In 2012 I started my adventure with the Bramham & Shadwell Federation. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Shadwell continue to flourish, and Bramham grow from strength to strength.

I now love working with Year 6 at Shadwell. The children are wonderful and never fail to surprise me with their inquisitive natures and hard-working attitudes. They really are a pleasure to teach! I particularly love teaching this year group as the children are able to work on such challenging and exciting subjects, and it is amazing to see just how much they grow throughout this year. It is so important to prepare the children for their transition to secondary school and so building resilience, understanding, acceptance and tolerance is key to our teaching. We are very privileged to have the job we do!

Mrs Wilson - Executive Deputy Head Teacher & Federation Inclusion Manager


Mrs Harland - Executive Business Manager